1. Enhancing NIAAA’s Brand:  After lowering its profile as the Scientific Management Review Board (SMRB) considered merging the NIAAA with NIDA into a new addiction institute, NIAAA needs to be reintroduced to the public, policy makers, healthcare providers and other stakeholders.  Friends of NIAAA will work with the institute and independently to develop and disseminate messages ranging from why we must support alcohol research, what the research entails and how it will impact the public, as well support NIAAA as an autonomous institute at NIH.  A re-branding campaign will be executed through the development of education materials that can be distributed via a Friends of NIAAA website, traditional and social media, in-person meetings with stakeholders, etc.  This campaign will be designed to elevate and enhance NIAAA’s visibility in the community.
  2. Education:  Friends of NIAAA will educate policy makers and other stakeholders about the science behind the alcohol problems; scientific advances regarding how alcohol influences multiple health conditions, interpersonal and family functioning and social systems; the path to recovery; and policy initiatives that can aid or hinder the prevention and treatment of alcohol problems.  This education can be executed through the dissemination of a quarterly newsletter and relevant fact sheets.
  3. Congressional Briefings:  Friends of NIAAA will sponsor at least 2 briefings annually to inform policy makers of the gaps and advances in the science and practice of treating and preventing alcohol problem.
  4. Advocacy:  Friends of NIAAA will advocate and support policies that positively impact the NIAAA budget, the research workforce and the advancement of basic and translational science.  The Friends also will promote NIAAA research activities and advances by developing information for Members of Congress and staff, drafting fact sheets, facilitating tours of the Institute and research facilities for Congressional staff, tracking bills of interest to the Friends and submitting annual testimony to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees.  The Friends of NIAAA will also sponsor an annual Capitol Hill Day for its members and schedule meetings with members of Congress and their staff as needed.