An executive committee will oversee the operations of the Friends.  The membership of the executive committee will consist of a Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and seven other full voting members.   A corporate advisory board (CAB) representative, designated by the members of the corporate advisory board, may attend executive committee meetings ex officio but may not vote.  The corporate advisory board will be composed of representatives of corporate members of the Friends, as described below.

All executive committee members will serve for two year terms and are eligible to serve two consecutive terms, or four years, on the executive committee.   During their term, each member will be assigned to oversee a specific aspect of the Friends operations, like the website, member recruitment, etc.  Elections will be held by the full membership of the Friends every other year in May, allowing the new executive committee leadership to be installed on the following June 1.  All full dues paying members of the Friends will be eligible to nominate a representative to serve on the executive committee and to vote.

The business and property of the Friends will be managed by the executive committee.  The executive committee will have the authority to establish committees, develop materials to promote the Friends, including a website, and establish an annual dues structure to carry out its work.   The executive committee will meet monthly by phone or in person to conduct the business of the Friends.

The executive committee has the authority to retain an outside firm and to assign to it any responsibilities designated to the committee herein, would be responsible for executing all the programs and policies established by the committee and have the authority to speak on behalf of the Friends.   The firm will also be responsible for the administrative functioning of the Friends.

The executive committee also has the authority to create a corporate advisory board by inviting corporations of its choosing, or nominated by the membership, to participate.  Each corporate advisory board member will designate a representative to serve as a member of the CAB.

The entire membership of the Friends will convene at least once annually in-person to conduct the business of the coalition and meet with the NIAAA Director.  Member organizations have the right to advise the executive committee on issues to be considers and will be entitled to periodic updates on the activities of the Friends, NIAAA and other stakeholders. Membership of the Friends of NIAAA and the proposed corporate advisory board will be composed of organizations interested in and concerned about research and issues related to alcohol who contribute annual minimal dues and donations to support the work of Friends of NIAAA.

Steering Committee

Carlo DiClemente, Chairman, Research Society on Alcoholism

Nicole Bertsch, Treasurer, Research Society on Alcoholism

Geoff Mumford, American Psychological Association

Andrew Kessler, IC&RC

Robert Morrison, National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors

Sue Thau, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

Rachel Gandell, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Tom Donaldson, National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Boris Tabakoff, National Foundation for Prevention of Chemical Dependency Disease